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Welcome to the Archive Page

Look here for previous and old units that we have covered.

Astronomy Unit

What is astronomy?

Note the spectrum and how much we can see.

How does the earth orbit?

How are there seasons?

Be able to describe all of the motions
Instructions: Pick four different locations across the globe. Find the average high and low for each month.
Answer the following questions while observing.
1) Which location had the lowest average yearly temp, and which had the highest?
2) During which month had the hottest recorded temperature, and which season would that be?
3) Explain the significance of the seasons and how the season correlates to the temperature.
4) What would you predict the Earth would be if there were no tilt?


Plate Tectonics

Intro to Plate Tectonics

Who first came up with the theory of continental drift?

What are a couple pieces of evidence that support the theory?

What are the different plate boundaries and what are formed from their interactions?

Convection Currents

Here is a lab demonstration that shows the true movements of convection currents.

What is the pattern?

How does this reinforce the theory of plate tectonics?


This is to reinforce the idea of measuring new rock. 

Earthquakes and Volcanoes Unit
Intro to EQ's
How does an Earthquake happen?
What are the seismic waves of an earthquake?
What are the different faults that can cause an Earhtquake?
S and P wave slinky demonstration
How do the waves move, and how fast are they?
New Volcano Video
What are the three different types of volcanoes and what are their characteristics?
Work for 9/29
Read both articles. Be able to summarize both of the articles and begin to theorize what could potentially happen in the future for both.
Next try to think of an idea of how to merge these two stories together. When you come up with that idea, write a newspaper article about your theory.

Rock Cycle Activity 1

Rock Cycle Activity 2

Freshwater Unit

Water Cycle

Take note of the cycle.

Write down the words that you are not sure of.

Water Pollution

What is the difference between point source and non-point source?

What's the difference between pollution in the three sources of water?

Aquifer Depletion

What are the affects of losing our groundwater?

Reference to water use

Just for some extra info. We will talk about this for the project. No notes needed.

Human Impact/ Alternative Energy Sources

alternative energy sources

What does alternative energy mean?

What are the main examples of alternative energy and how do we harvest them?

non renewable resources

What characterizes non-renewable resources?

What are the main examples of non-renewable resources?

human impact on earth 

How have humans impacted this Earth?

Is this impact reversible?

ecological footprint

What is an ecological footprint, and what country would have a large one?

Optional.. There may be one question on this on the final.

Agricultural and Aquaculture Practice

How do these impact the environment?



Note the locations and the temperatures. The animals and plants are not necessary for memorization.

What are the differences between the water types?

Biotic and Abiotic

What are the differences

What is an example of both being used in the same system?


Why is this important?

Where is the most biodiverse place in the world?

Food Webs

What is the difference between a chain and a web?

What is a relationship between a food web and abiotic factors

Atmosphere and Climate

Layers of the Atmosphere

What makes each layer different?

How did oxygen become a part of the atmosphere, and what is the current percentages of gases?

Climate 1

Include the different factors, as well as the effects of each.

Climate Classification

What are the different classifications, and where do the biomes we learned about fit in?

El Nino Analysis  

Class El Nino Link

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"jump to the activity" in the top right or bottom of the page

Weathering and Erosion